This video is a model our organization will follow The Wisconsin Farmer-Led Watershed Council Project:

Our Goals
  • Encourage farmer participation in MAEAP

  • 200 Farmers attending both Semi-Annual meetings per year.

  • 40 New practices over a 3 year period.

  • 20 New farms MAEAP Verified in 3 years.

  • 14,191 lbs. of phosphorus reduction in Western Lake Erie Basin.

  • 5% increase per year in acres of farmland covered by BMPs.

  • 10% retained acres of farmland covered by BMPs.

Watershed Regions
The Farmer-Led Watershed Conservation has divided the watershed into four focus regions: Northwest (NW), Northeast (NE), Southwest (SW), & Southeast (SE). There will be four meetings in each region during the 2018 year, dates TBA in the events tab. Each region has a representative. Below is a map displaying the four regions and their respective representatives.
Meet the Leadership Team
 Steve May
 River Raisin Watershed Council
Brooke Bollwahn
 Lenawee Conservation District
Catherine Acerboni
Monroe Conservation District
Megan DeLeeuw
Washtenaw Conservation District
 Lori Phalen
 Michigan Association of Conservation Districts
 Joe Kelpinski
 Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development