Local Conservation Practice Funding for Farms in the

Western Lake Erie Basin

Accelerating Conservation Adoption in the River Raisin

Grant Enrollment Information: Farmers in the River Raisin Watershed eligible. Click for more details.

Funds: Various practices to reduce phosphorus based on your land and farming practices (Various nutrient management practices, residue and till management)

Application Deadlines: April 1 or May 15, 2020 depending on practices (View details here)

Contact your Conservation District for questions:

Lenawee Conservation District: Airin Beechler, MAEAP Technician - (517)263-7400 Ext: 5564

                                                      Keeley Pape, MAEAP Technician - (517)263-7400 Ext: 5565

Monroe Conservation District: Brittany Santure, MAEAP Technician - (734)265-9313

                                                    Taylor Myatt, MAEAP Technician - (734)265-9315

Washtenaw Conservation District: Erez Brandvain, MAEAP Technician - (734)302-8714 - erez@washtenawcd.org

STRAND Cost Share Program

Applications available for 2020 through the Monroe County Conservation District

Who is eligible: Farmland within the Western Lake Erie Basin.

Funds: Various nutrient management practices. From grid/zone sampling to equipment/upgrades.

Visit the website for more details and to apply or contact Catherine Acerboni at (734)265-9311 or catherine.acerboni@mi.nacdnet.net

Lenawee Conservation District Grants

Technology & Nutrient Management Grant: Farmers in the Western Lake Erie Basin eligible. Click for more details & application.

Best Management Practices Grant: Farmers in specified areas eligible. Click for more details & application

Contact Brooke Bollwahn at the Lenawee Conservation District at (517)263-7400 or Brooke.bollwahn@macd.org with questions.

Conservation Funding

Application Deadlines: The last Friday of each month. Notification will be given within 15 days of applying.

Who is eligible: Farmland within the River Raisin Watershed.

Funds: Conservation practices that reduce Phosphorus loading in streams. See application for more details.

Visit the website for more details and to apply.

Second Round Cost Share Applications are in the awarding process!

Six 2018 grant applications were approved for this fiscal year. the BMP's receiving cost share include: Grassed Waterways & Grade Stabilization Structure, Water and Sediment Control Basin (WASCOB), Grid Soil Sampling, and Filter Strips. 2018 BMP funding is estimated at $10,120. Impacting over 550+ acres!

Best Management Practices awarded (2018):

- (4) Grassed Waterways & Grade Stabilization Structure - Southwest region River Raisin Watershed

- Grid Soil Sampling - Southeast region River Raisin Watershed

- Filter Strips - Southwest region River Raisin Watershed

In addition, there are federal cost-share funds available through USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).  Contact your local field office for more information. 

Lenawee County Conservation District

1100 Sutton Rd.

Adrian, MI 49221

(517)263-7400 Ext. 3

Washtenaw & Wayne Counties NRCS Field Office

705 N. Zeeb Rd, Suite 201
Ann Arbor, MI 48103


Hillsdale County Conservation District

588 Olds St., Bldg. #2

Jonesville, MI 49250

(517)849-9890 Ext. 3

Monroe County NRCS Field Office

1137 S. Telegraph Road
Monroe, MI 48161


Local funding is constantly evolving. Touch base with your local Conservation District or NRCS Office to get more information.