About Us

About the Farmer-Led Watershed Conservation Network 

Farmers helping farmers adopt best management practices to improve soil health, increase crop yields, reduce farm input costs, reduce nutrient loss, and improve water quality in the Western Lake Erie Basin. That's our goal with the Farmer-Led Watershed Conservation Network. From our partners at Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

Our Goals

Water pollution comes from many sources, but some of it comes from farms. 

Lake Erie suffers from toxic algal blooms fueled in part by excess phosphorus and other pollutants. In 2018, the state of Michigan released a road map for reducing phosphorus entering Lake Erie by 20 percent by 2020 -- and 40 percent by 2025.

We are working hard to help meet this goal by helping local farmers improve their operations!

Where We Work

The "watershed" in Farmer-Led Conservation Group refers to the watersheds within the Western Lake Erie Basin(WLEB). The area outlined in red below is the River Raisin Watershed, which covers much of the WLEB.

Our People

Melissa Harris, Michigan Association of Conservation Districts

Steve May, River Raisin Watershed Council

Rivka Hodgkinson, Michigan Association of Conservation Districts

Brooke Bollwahn, Lenawee Conservation District

Monroe Conservation District

Washtenaw Conservation District

Joe Kelpinski, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development


The Farmer-Led Watershed Conservation Network is grateful for the generous support of the Fred A. and Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation.