Upcoming Events

Farmer Led Network Annual Summer Meeting

July 21st, 2022, 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Sunrise Farms, 2683 Grosvenor Hwy, Palmyra, MI 49268, USA


As a farmer, are you open to new ideas about how to reduce cost of inputs, reduce nutrient loss, increase yields, and improve the health of your soil on your farm?

If so, please join us on Thursday, July 21st, to learn about how you can improve your operation and reduce loss of nutrients from your soil. This is a free event offered by the Farmer-Led Watershed Conservation Network. Breakfast and lunch will be served!

Connect with other farmers in attendance to learn how they’ve incorporated practices into their operations that have improved their bottom lines and the quality of their soil.

Farm Tour: Strip-Tillage and Cover Cropping

“Our conservation practices of strip-till, no-till and cover crops allow us to build soil structure, soil organic matter and conserve water throughout the growing season,” says Jim Isley. Jim and his son will lead a tour of strip tilling and cover crops on their farm. They will showcase the benefits -- and candidly discussing the challenges they ran into and the help they got along the way.

Jim, Laurie, and Jake Isley.

Photo courtesy of Farm Journal

Wetlands are for the birds -- and for the farm, too.

Wetland Buffer Strips

Jena Herrick and Kali Rush with Ducks Unlimited will discuss the how planting wetlands buffer strips can reduce streambank erosion and keep soil on your farm where it belongs. They will also share how their conservation organization assists farmers who are interested in pursuing this practice on their land.

Lunch Talk: Conservation Easements and How They Can Benefit Your Farm Operation

Susan LaCroix at Legacy Land Conservancy will share why some farmers choose to use Voluntary Land Protection Agreements -- also known as conservation easements -- to ensure their farm will always remain in agriculture. She'll share examples of local farmers who felt this step was right for them, and why. And she'll clear up common misperceptions about this farm-friendly conservation tool.

Susan LaCroix, Legacy Land Conservancy

Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free guests will be fed if they let us know they are coming beforehand!

Post-Lunch Networking

Bring your business cards! Following a delicious lunch, participants can mix and mingle with other farmers and representatives from conservation organizations.