What is MIFarmLink? 

“Protect Michigan farmland by shepherding it into the hands of new and existing farmers who can support a healthy, equitable and sustainable food system that honors agriculture as the foundation of strong communities.”  

MIFarmLink accomplishes this through a designated website linking farmers to farmland. MIFarmLink assists a wide range of producers, from legacy and/or retiring farmers to new/beginning farmers seeking land, and farmers looking for resources and connections to our farming community.  MIFarmLink also provides mentoring assistance, succession planning, and other resources to connect farmers to farmers throughout Michigan.

Here are some links to resources that you might find to be valuable. 

Equipment Rental

Our local Conservation Districts can rent you equipment to experiment with no-till and other conservation practices. 

Monroe County: Conservation District: (734)265-9311

Lenawee County: Conservation District: (517)263-7400 Ext. 3

Click for list of equipment available here.

Washtenaw County: Conservation District: (734)718-5506

Click for list of equipment available here.

Hillsdale County: Conservation District: (517)849-9890 Ext. 3

Jackson County: Conservation District: (517)395-2082

Click for list of equipment available here.

Multimedia Resources

Buffers are an important Best Management Practice (BMP) for controlling fertilizer runoff in the Western Lake Erie Basin (WLEB). Many times these zones are not harvestable, but that changes today! 

Join us as we explore another Best Management Practice (BMP) for farmers in the Western Lake Erie Basin: A Water Recycling Holding Pond! This is a great option for those operators on heavy soils who are willing to take a bit of land out of operation to save big on water.

Reducing tillage in active agricultural lands is one of many ways to reduce runoff and increase water quality in your watershed. Join us as we interview Blaine Baker from Bakerlads Farms about his use of this best-management practice on his operation.

Join us for another look at a Best Management Practice (BMP) for your operation; a two-stage ditch! This technique reduces flooding in fields with flashy creeks, saving you hours of being stuck in the mud.

Cover crops are an important component of many operators' Best Management Practice (BMP) repertoire, including today's highlighted farmer: Bob Platt of Paragon Farms